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I am a Israelite Hebrew American


I Rabbi BlueYah am a Hebrew American a descendent of the seed of Abraham. The promise that was made to Abraham from Yahweh our (God)
I am a part of the commonwealth of Israel From which tribe?
I Rabbi BlueYah are descended from? I cannot say but’ what I do know is that Israel does not only consist of the tribe of Judah who are our Jewish brothers in the Hebrew nation of Israel today.
I Rabbi BlueYah am proclaiming here today that I am a descendent from one of
The twelve tribes of (Israel) Which consist of
1-Reuben 2-Simeon 3-Juda 4-Zebulun 5-Issachar 6-Dan 7-Gad 8-Asher 9-Naphtali 10-Ephriam 11-Manasseh 12-Benjamin
Now there is a thirteenth tribe. A tribe of Levites and’ this tribe consist of priest unto Yahweh our God as mediators between Yahweh our God and’ the twelve tribes of Israel. I Rabbi BlueYah want to proclaim here today that if any Foreigner or Gentile wanted to be a part of Yahweh our God’s chosen people it was require by the tribes of Israel to treat the foreigner as one of there own people without prejudice.
A Foreigner or’ Gentile had the same blessed rights as any of the twelve tribes of Israel. Only if the foreigner or gentiles obeyed the Laws of Yahweh our (God)
Before king Salomon died the nation of Israel had already fallen into sin of idolatry.
Yahweh our God admonishes all the tribes of Israel. Israel was split in to two kingdoms. The (Northern) and’the (Southern) Yahweh sent the tribes of Judah and’ Benjamin into captivity in to Babylon for there sins of rebellion. They were called the Southern Kingdom.
Then Yahweh God sent the Assyrians who are believe to be today’s modern day Germans to bring the other ten tribes into captivity because of their sins of rebellion against Yahweh our God. These ten tribes were the Northern Kingdom of Israel who was held captive by the Assyrians.
Yahweh our God order the tribes to return at His appointed time from captivity back to the land of Israel. The northern tribes did not return.

The northern tribes love the foreign gods. They fell in love with the foreign woman
And the foreign (men) they love the ways of the gentiles and’ they migrated all over the world. Today those tribes are believed to be in the United States and Great Britain. One of the bless tribes is call Manasseh believe to be the United States from which the blessing that Jacob gave to one of his grand son Gen 48:13-16.
The other bless tribe is call Ephraim believe to be Great Britain and
The other grand son of (Jacob)
The tribes I speak of today are the sons of Joseph.
Yahweh promise Joseph that they would be prosperous and indeed both nations are the riches in the world Gen 48:19.
Now that I Rabbi blueYah have found my Hebraic roots.
I am a descendent of Abraham a Hebrew American. Just because I was born and Raise in America that does not mean I have no right to be call an Israelite Hebrew American. The Torah Says all nations in the world will have to come through the commonwealth of Israel to learn the ways of Yahweh the God of the universe to be purified for the returning back to the angelic state of eternity like angels.
Luke 20:36
I am from one of the lost tribes of Israel. Which tribe? I cannot say at this time.
I am certain that Yahweh our God will reveal this (mystery). Which He has put in my heart. There is a possibility I could be from the tribe of Judah or Benjamin. These two tribes have the control of the state of Israel today.
Yahweh our God has given me this knowledge. Now knowing that I am a part of one of the lost tribes of Israel. I am still a part of the physical Israel.
I am of the seed of Abraham and he was Hebrew and his seed became Israel and even THOUGH I am not in the land of Israel I am biblically a part of the promise from Yahweh our God. That the seed of Abraham shall be more than the sand in the seas and’ I am one of those particle’s of sand.
A Hebrew American which is of the Spiritual and physical nation of (Israel)
There is another part of Israel that the gentile’s nations and the physical Israel don’t like to circum to. The fact that there is a spiritual Jerusalem that is apart of the spiritual Israel to return from ancient times. The hidden mystery in the bible does state there is a spiritual Israel a congregation in the north Isaiah 14:13.
It also states there is a spiritual Jerusalem in the mist of Israel the mountain of Yahweh in the Torah eze 28:14.all Spiritual will return as it once was rev 21:9-14
It is very important that we understand the mystery of prophecy Rev 19:10. because there will only be those who over come satins world of deceit and lies.
All those who obeyed the Law and kept the Commandments of Yahweh our (God)
The believer and martyrs are the ones chosen by Yahweh Our God and’ Yahshua Jesus Christ to live in the new city of Jerusalem Hebrew 11:16 Rev 21:10.
Yahshua Ha-Mahiach Jesus Christ is the only way the truth and the life in to the
Spiritual City of (Jerusalem) Yahshua was the complete salvation for all the prophets and’ all the people who were obedient to the laws of Yahweh our God before the time of Noah to the time of Yahshua Jesus Christ birth’ death’ and’ resurrection. The set apart ones of old are now living in the New Jerusalem made by the Hand of Yahweh our God and Yahshua Jesus Christ. A redemption plan from Yahweh our God who kept His promise word to all the tribes and the foreigners in the world who were willing to keep the Commandments of Yahweh our God Law and their faith in Yashua Jesus Christ. In the city of Jerusalem are written the names of the twelve tribes of Israel on twelve gates of the city.
Halleluyah Halleluyah Halleuyah this was phase one of Redemption.
Beruah hashem Yahweh in Hebrew means to praise the name of Yahweh’
Yah means salvation “Weh in Hebrew means He is Breath of Life”.
Phase two of (Redemption)
In the city of Jerusalem are written the twelve apostle of
Yahshua Jesus Christ the lamb Of Yahweh our God.
There are twelve foundation walls with the names of the twelve disciples.
Phase two a redemption plan from Yahweh our God through Yahshua Jesus Christ. The believer today has to over come this satanic world of deceit of false religions and false governments. Believer has to over come the world that lives by the flesh that is naturally rebellious against the Law of Yahweh our (God) Ten Commandments and feast and (Sabbaths) through the redemption plan with Yahshua (Jesus Christ) Yahweh our God is setting up His Government through the death of His Son.
That all who believe in Yahweh our God Son and’ over comes the world as Yahshua Jesus Christ did. Will be worthy to live in the new spiritual city of Jerusalem. With the prophets and set apart ones of old. Yahweh our God is the same yesterday today and forever.
Yahweh our God Law’s are the same Yesterday today and forever until
All things are (fulfill) Even with the sacrificial blood of animals needed to atone the sins today in the book of Ezekiel 40:38.will continue
Yahshua said in Matthew 5:17-18
I did not come to destroy or change. Verse 18 most scholars and theologians don’t
Even understand what Yahshua Jesus Christ is implying in His own words.
Not one Jot of the law will be change. This is why in the new temple of Ezekiel in the Millennium the Israelite nation will go back to
The animal sacrifice unto The Creator Yahweh the Father and God of The universe
Yahshua came to be the atonement for the sins of the world and that atonement are not complete until all things are fulfill. These are the very word of Christ Himself.

If we take a good look at the Laws of Yahweh our God there is liberty and freedom in them. If we chose to obey the set apart spirit of Yahweh our God
Yahshua Ha Mashiach Jesus Christ will guide us away from the worldly desires.
We have to learn to love Yahweh our God’s Law’s. It is important that we have Yahshua Jesus Christ living in us, which gives us the power to obey Yahweh our God. Not satan and the traditions of men. The clergy and scholars of most religions have set a side the Law’s of Yahweh our God to worship there own futile ways. Proverb 14-12 states’ there is a way that seems right to a man but its end is the way of death.
Yahweh our God wishes none to perish. We live by the Law and’ by the Law of faith in Yahshua Jesus Christ for Kingdom living. With Israel being the set apart nation to lead the rest of the world back to the ways of Yahweh our God.
Yahshua Jesus Christ had no permission from Yahweh our God.
To change any Law accept the things written in the oracle of Yahweh our God. Set before Yahshua to obey and fulfill the Law of Yahweh our God’s redemption plan.
To open the way for the humans to come back in to the kingdom of Yahweh our God being transfer from angelic to matter back to angelic by overcoming a deceitful world full of lies. Most importantly to over come the god of this world system Lucifer Satan and’ his demonic spirits 2 Cor 4:4.
Yes my sisters and brethren I Rabbi BlueYah am a Hebrew American. It is in my blood and in my soul reveal unto me by Yahweh our (God)
I Rabbi BlueYah speak very little Hebrew but’ with Yahweh our Elohim our God being my interpreter. I am sure if Yahweh our God wants me to speak Hebrew to someone. He will indwell me with that attribute of His spirit that’
I Rabbi  BlueYah may proclaim Yahweh our God words.
Which I have proclaimed here for you (today)
May Yahweh our God through Yahshua Ha- Mashiach (Jesus Christ) add another blessing to His promise words spoken here (today)

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