Church of

Yahweh in Christ


I did not come to call the righteous

The Ten Commandment Jews and Gentiles

Eternal Life without Yahshua Ha-Moshiach Jesus Christ

To those that keep the Torah Gospel/Law


Their has been two nations in the history of the world with the

Ten Commandments written in there constitution

The nation of Israel and the United States of America


It has been taught; Yahshua Ha-Moshiach Jesus Christ is the way the truth

and the life. The validity of this teaching has not been clearly understood by many

christian messianic congregation’s theologian scholars and religious professors of the highest degree of education, claiming to be spiritual, but have been in darkness,

as if the sun never rises from the east to give true light to the world,


One of the Torah truth message from Yahweh God, to the believer that keeps the Torah/Law the Ten Commandments and statues as a way of life

Yahweh guarantees Eternal Life without believing in Yahshau Jesus Christ in this age

Yahshua Jesus Christ has proclaimed this to the righteous servants in the extended Torah life Gospel of Yahweh Himself Matt 9:12-13 remember Yahshua Jesus Christ is speaking The words of God Deuteronomy 18:18-19 I did not come for the righteous  Matt 9:12-13


Yahshua said I thank you Father for you have hidden these things from

The world religious shepherds, scholars, professors, theologians, preachers,

All those who have consider themselves to be wise

But you Father Yahweh have given your True Torah wisdom unto babes

Religious theologians and scholars in the past centuries have claimed to be wise; as many are claiming wisdom in the twenty first century


Daniel 12:4 says truth and knowledge will increase in the latter days

Today the Torah/Gospel truths are being revealed clearer with divine intervention

Shattering doctrines of many religious scholars and theologians and rabbis of the world churches and synagogues of the first and second millennium, that was wise in the wisdom of the world, not of the true wisdom of Yahweh God 

A religious world of philosophers and theocrats base upon the wisdom of men


We have subjugated our wisdom/Belief; upon the thoughts and pass writing of these religious educators, scholars and theologians, which claimed to have had the spirit of the Torah Gospel of Yahweh the Father and Jesus Christ; which now there passed writing, is now in question?

All the false doctrine of darkness of the pass fifteen hundred years has come to light,

All is in great error?

Because they were not written with the wisdom of Yahweh God,

But with the wisdom of the world religious; Shepherd’s and preacher of anti Torah/Law


One of the most important and profound scripture that is quoted in the Torah Gospel

Is in Deuteronomy 18: verses 18-19 where Moses tell the Israelites that

Yahweh will raise up a prophet like him from among their brethren and Yahweh will put His words into that prophets mouth and he shall speak to them all I command Him

And it shall be whoever will not hear Yahweh’s words which the prophets speaks. Yahweh God will require it of him.


One of the most important and profound words that was spoken by Yahshua Jesus Christ

In the new Extended Torah Gospel was Yahweh the Father Words

Which Yahshua Jesus Christ Quotes? I did not come for the righteous Matthew 9:12-13 The Gospel theologian scholars for many centuries have neglected this vital scripture; which has influenced anti Semitism against the first five books of the Torah Gospel Bible of Yahweh God

Yahshua Jesus Christ is still speaking to us today through the words of Yahweh God

Those that keep the Torah/Law of Life is guarantee eternal life without Yahshua,

The righteous Yahshua did not come for, the Jew and gentile that was, is, and is to come,

As it is written Luke 1:5-6 Luke 10:25-28 Matthew 19:16-21 John 12:49-50 Psalms 1:1-3

Yahshua Jesus Christ proclaimed, they are my Fathers John 5:21 John 5:26 Romans 8:11

These have no need of a New Physician,

Yahshua Quotes the sick sinners needed Him as there New Physician to help them repent and turn to the Torah of Life, which is now also in Him  John 5:21 5:26 Romans 8:9


Yahshua tells us Yahweh God the Father was and still is the Great Physician to those that kept the Torah of life blameless, a covenant which cannot be reversed until Yahweh God makes a new covenant with the whole house of Israel, as of today there is no new covenant with the whole house of Israel  Ezekiel 37:12-14 Jeremiah 31:31-34


Yahweh has not give His hidden wisdom to those who are anti Torah/Law

Anti Semitic, hatred against the true Torah life gospel of covenant Love

Yahshua Jesus Christ declared, the extended Torah/Law/Gospel of life was not His

But, the Torah Gospel doctrine of Yahweh the Eternal God; John 7:16

We who were once blind, our eyes are now open and come to repentance,

for the teaching of the early church fathers and

Theologian scholars of Anti Torah/Law Anti Semitism.

The hatred against the true Jewish Torah/Law Gospel of Yahweh

Which became the misguided gospel of the church of rome?

Which, most of christianity has followed through the ages?

Let the churches and messianic groups, accept and teach a Jewish Moshiach,

Which the Jewish people are expecting, and stop teaching, a false moshiach gospel that was created by the roman empire it being anti torah/law

Yahshua Ha Moshaich Jesus Christ who is, who was, and will return

The Son of Yahweh, one greater than Moses, which came from Heaven?

Spoke Yahweh God the father words I did not come for the righteous

A Moshiach which the orthodox Jews know will not break the Torah of life Gospel



The true Torah/Gospel of life of Yahweh the father was given to

Yahshua, Jesus Christ to proclaim the good news


Let us examine the good news of what Yahshua Jesus Christ said concerning Eternal life

To those that keep the Ten Commandments and statues without Him

The righteous He did not come for Matt 9:12-13


Point #1

In Matthew 19:16-21

Yahshua Jesus Christ had already answer the rich man question that he had

Eternal life

Why? Because the rich man kept the commandments of Yahweh God from his youth

Remember the rich young ruler kept the covenant that represented righteousness

Which Yahshua Jesus Christ did not come for Matt 9:12-13?


In further examination

If the rich man would not have asked the question what is it that I lack?

In all Torah truth, the rich man lack nothing in the covenant with Yahweh God the Father, The answer was already given, I did not come for the righteous

But since the rich ruler raised the question what is it I lack?


Yahshua Jesus Christ had to give him an example of what would be required of him,

To come into a new covenant that was soon to come in the name of Yahshua Jesus Christ

Yahshua wanted the rich man to know he will lack the will to choose Yahweh

New Kingdom over his riches then to become a begotten son of Yahweh

Hebrews 2:11-12


This does not negate the fact; the rich man still had eternal life even though he did not follow Yahshua Jesus Christ to become a begotten son

Yahweh had already proclaimed through Yahshua, He did not come for the righteous

Keep in mind Yahshua Jesus Christ offered the rich man the opportunity to become a begotten son in the New Kingdom of Yahweh God in Yahshua Jesus Christ house Hebrew 3:6


Most important Yahshua Jesus Christ did not discount the blessing of eternal life, which the rich young ruler had acquired from his youth, and this is the plain truth.

Yahweh God the Father is the way the truth and the resurrection of life of the everlasting covenant of the righteous which, Yahshua Jesus Christ did not come for?

John 5:21 5:26 Romans 8:11 John 12:50

This eye opening revelation shatters into pieces the gospel of anti Semitism that has been preach for over 1500 years by the church synagogues and many messianic congregations

That the written torah/law of life Yahweh God is done away with

This is misguided teaching



Point #2

Let us further examine eternal life in Luke 10:25-28 John 12:50

Again Yahshua made it very clear, this man has eternal life. Why because he kept the

Covenant that represented righteousness, Which Jesus Christ did not come to call

The messianic and christian churches should to come to this understanding of what Yahshua Ha-Moshiach has proclaimed, the religions of tradition should stop trying to justify their misinterpretation of the Holy Scripture for 1500 years.

Proclaiming there is no salvation with out Yahshua. Which is a misguided teaching?

There is salvation without Yahshua to those who keep the

Ten Commandments and statues of Yahweh/Yehovah

Yahshua Jesus Christ has proclaim this in the extended Torah life Gospel bible

I did not come for the righteous is the words of Yahweh God given to

Jesus Christ to speak Matthew 9:12-13 Luke 10-25-28


Yahshua Jesus Christ redeeming Torah life Gospel message, was to turn the sinners back to the ways of Yahweh the Father and live Matthew 9:12-13

Yahshua Jesus Christ was now presenting Himself as a new way into the kingdom of Yahweh God for the sinners that was lost

Not a new way for the righteous that was already awarded eternal life


One will say; Rabbi”BlueYah

Yahshua said no one could come to the Father except through Him

And that is true in the right context of how Yahshua proclaims it

Yet he taught us how to pray the rabbinic prayer Avinu our Father

Yahshua never taught the Father could not come to us

Yahweh have chosen many to follow Jesus Christ John 6:45 6:62

And again Yahweh has chosen many not to follow Jesus Christ in this present age.


Again one could say; Rabbi BlueYah

Yahshua proclaimed if you deny me before men I will deny you before my Abba/Father,

And again Yahshua said no one can come to the father except through Him

Let us examine this closely with an open mind

Where is the Father? He is every where, but where does the glory of Yahweh God rest?  Answer

He is in the New Heavenly Kingdom City, the New Jerusalem sitting on His throne

Which will be the habitation of the believers the called out ones of this age?


Yahshua Jesus Christ is not denying eternal life to those, which keep the Torah/Law.

Yahshua is denying eternal kingdom city life to those who denied Him as the Son of Yahweh, Yahshua will make good of His promise to those who denied him,

Those that deny Yahshua will not enter the Great city the New Spiritual Jerusalem

The habitation for the believers to see Yahweh the father’s face,   Once Again;

Yahshua is not denying eternal life to those that keep the Torah/Law Matthew 9:12-13

Yahweh is not the God of confusion It is man who has confused the Torah Gospel of life


This revelation sends a double edge sword, which cuts right in the heart, of the

Misguided teaching, of christianity, islam, and messianic congregations, along with many synagogues which are anti torah, anti law 

This is the misguided gospel of rome and the whole world has followed Revelation 12:9

Which says there is no salvation without Yahshua Ha-Moshiach Jesus Christ

Again; this is base on the misguided foundational rock of peter, created out of the

church of rome


Point #3

Peter made a proclamation; there is no other name under heaven given among men by which, we must be saved Act 4:12

This statement is miscomprehend by unspiritual anti Torah Gospel interpreters

Which have persuaded the majority of christianity?

The stone which peter is speaking of represents a foundation in the

New City Temple yet to come, Yahshua being that corner stone, which was rejected by the ruling Jews; now by the rejection of Jesus Christ?


There is no other name among men, can one be saved into that cornerstone,

The New Spiritual Temple in the New Heavenly Eternal City of Jerusalem;

Only those begotten that are called out of the world and are found worthy to be the inhibitors 1 Peter 1:3-5 John 1:12-13 1 John 5:1

This is the true Torah Gospel; in your New extended Torah life Gospel testament bible

All other salvation comes by obeying the Torah/Law

of the Ten Commandments of Yahweh God. Matt 9:13-13


Let us further examine Eternal Life in Deuteronomy 7:11-15 Exodus 19:5

And it shall come to pass


Point #4

The old everlasting covenant

The blessing Yahweh promised in Deuteronomy 7 verses 11through 15  Forty five hundred year earlier will now be manifested in the new millennium as a cooperate body with the whole house of Israel under the New Covenant Eze 37:12-14  Jer 31:31-34


Yahweh promised to take away all sickness from the Israelite’s

This gift of eternal life is offered again by Yahweh as a corporate body to the nation

in obedience to the Torah life Gospel; Yahshua Jesus Christ will enforce it,

There will be no death, in the womb of a woman, 

There will be no death, in the seed of the man,

All blessing pointing toward the manifestation

of eternal life by the power of conversion; by the spirit in the Ten Commandments

The Torah/Law of life

Healing waters will flow from the temple of Ezekiel to heal Israel

The curse on mans life span will be lifted


The Ten Commandments of Yahweh God,

Contains hidden spiritual manna, which are the spiritual leaves from the tree of Life

to convert every soul; Psalms 19:7-14

Which caused the converted soul to be righteous?

The righteous that Yahshua Jesus Christ did not come for Matt 9:12


Let us further examine Eternal Life to the called out

In the body of Yahshua Jesus Christ

And it shall come to pass


Point #5

Again Yahweh reiterated His promise to establish a called out People

into the house of Yahshua Jesus Christ  Hebrews 3:6

All will have eternal life as a cooperate body because they kept the

Ten Commandments and statutes of Yahweh and the belief in Yahshua Jesus Christ


Let’s get down to the real core, of the purpose of the called out ones

And there dwelling place


The new Covenant

The Eternal Kingdom City Torah Life Gospel, covenant

That Yahshua Jesus Christ offered to the called out ones in this age

The begotten of Yahweh God

There dwelling place is the habitation in the New Jerusalem

There purpose is to be kings and priest unto Yahweh God

And there inheritance is the ancient kingdoms of the principalities including satans throne,

Yahweh God has also opened another door into Yahshua Jesus Christ Kingdom/House

Whosoever will let them come and keep the commandments of Yahweh God and live?

Hebrews 3:6 Isaiah 9:6-7

Point #6

The Eternal City life; Torah Gospel is a calling into the New Kingdom City,

of Jerusalem “””A cornerstone””” the habitation of the body of Yahshua

Many of the righteousness were not called to Yahshua Jesus Christ

Because they already had eternal life

These are the words from Yahweh God given to Yahshua Jesus Christ to speak

I did not come for the righteous Matt 9:12

a covenant that cannot be broken 

Examine all connecting scriptures to show yourself a workman rightly dividing the

Words of the Torah Life Gospel


Rabbi”BlueYah   951-544-1138