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I, Rabbi BlueYah was taken up in the spirit of Yahweh our God, given a vision from Yahshua Ha-Mashiach (Jesus Christ), the son of the living God Yahweh. It was about the Rapture which is soon to take place (1Thessalonians 4 13-18).  The Rapture that was revealed to Rabbi BlueYah took place during the night in one part of the earth, and in the day on the other part of the earth as Yahshua Ha-Mashiach (Jesus Christ) prophesied in the book of Luke chapter 17 verse 34 -35-36. It is not like some writer or author or novelist had dreamed up fantasies about people disappearing in cars airplanes, trains, ships, homes, restaurants, or on rooftops.  However, there is some validity to the writer’s imagination.  In the scripture we will fine in the book of Mark 13 Verse 15-16 it read Yahshua is speaking to the disciples saying do not go back down into the house. Do not go back into the field to retrieve anything left behind. When you hear the call from Yahshua (Jesus Christ), the son of the living God Yahweh giving a shout of command, this will be the Rapture my friends that Yahshua Ha-Mashiach (Jesus Christ) showed Rabbi BlueYah will be soon to take place. You will not need anything but to go where the Holy Spirit lead you. I have been instructed to tell you the call out ones that the Holy Spirit of Yahshua Ha-Mashiach (Jesus Christ) will lead you to the Seas and the Oceans on the earth. This is where the Great Rapture will take place. This is the Sea of Glass in Revelation 4:6, Rev 7:9, and Rev 15:2.  This is what Rabbi BlueYah saw in the vision from Yahweh.                                                


The shout of command rose in ascension to the sky and there was nothing that the great mind's men of the scientific and the principality world could do to stop It. Yahweh and Yahshua has a contingency plan for his call out ones from this world. It is the Great Rapture. The greatest military in the world, the greatest government in the world, the greatest law enforcement agencies in the world, the greatest scientists, and that powerful serpent satan himself will not be able to stop this Great Event. Why?  Because it is written in Yahweh our God Yahweh our Elohim law, and it shall come to pass as did all of Yahweh promises of His Word from ancient times (1 Thess. 4-17).  No weapon formed against Yahweh our God's law will prevail (Isaiah 54:17).  I, Rabbi BlueYah reiterate the Great Event, the Rapture. The calling from Yahshua Jesus Christ caused the opening of the blue seas in the firmament of the heavens, while we the called out ones were standing on the Sea of Glass in Revelation 7:9, after passing through the waters in the heavens liken unto the children of Israel when they came out of Egypt.  Israel passed through the Red Sea to receive the promise land flowing with milk and honey (Exodus 14:13-16).  We the called out ones today will be passing through the blue seas in the Heavens in the Rapture to receive our promise Glorified new bodies (1 Thess. 4:16-17, Romans 8:16-17). This will be our milk and honey, the church and complete redemption into the kingdom of Yahweh our God. This is a law. This is a promise from Yahweh our God and His Word does not return void Isaiah 55:11.


Why do you say the blue seas as being plural? (Genesis 1:6-7)  This is a world event and their are many seas in the Heavens to receive Yahweh our God's begotten children from all the seas and oceans of the earth (1Yohanan 5-1, 1Yohanan 1-12).  Yahweh our God displayed a miracle When Yahshua Jesus Christ walked on water during His three and a half year ministry. I want to say to you here today that Yahshua Jesus Christ walked on the sea of glass in the water that Yahweh our God showed to me in the Spirit of Yahweh Land.  The same miracle, the sea of glass, was the  Water that Yahshua Jesus Christ walked on in Matt. 14:25-31.  We the call out one's will also walk on the same Sea of Glass to be in the Rapture (Rev 4:6 , I Thess. 4:17), which we are standing before Yahweh our (God) Yahweh our Elohim (Throne) in Revelation 7:9.


Why is it that Satan and his principalities and the great minds of men of the earth with there nuclear destructive machines and high technology will not be able to affect this Great event?  I will proclaim no government on the earth or in the heavens will be able to stop the coming of the Great Rapture.  Yahweh Elohim God stopped the clock.  Time stood still and' the world froze (Rev 7:1).

For all those who did not have Yahweh Holy (Spirit) but to those who had Yahweh our God Holy Spirit, the called out ones were moving toward the Great Seas and Oceans on the earth.  All races and tongues from all nations, young and old, all those who have kept the Commandments of Yahweh our God and their faith in Yahshua Jesus Christ.


Another vision from Yahweh concerning Rev 7:2 was shown to me why I was brought back to earth and was not allowed to see the conclusion of the Rapture.  The earth was in turmoil and millions dying every where, and I was not effected by what I saw because the angel of Rev 7-2 had given me the marking of Yahweh our God, and I did not know I had it until I was tested by the plagues on the earth.


At a later date I was in the spirit of Yahweh and I was visited by a angel who turned out to be a man who had supernatural powers and who gave me the physical marking of Yahweh our God on my Right hand. It was the name Yahweh in Aramaic. It was obvious that Yahweh had already put His supernatural marking on my forehead because I did not die from all the nuclear fall out and the terrible diseases and slaughtering of human beings on the earth (Rev. 9:4).  This Had to be a physical mark as a witness to the coming martyrs and followers of Yahweh for the greatest Harvest to be gathered by one of many of Yahweh our God servants.  The hundred and forty four thousand servants from the Twelve Tribes which consists of a mixture of Israelites and Gentiles who have obeyed the Laws of Yahweh and their Faith in Yahshua Jesus Christ (Rev. 14:4), they will be left upon the earth to minister and to proclaim the ways of Yahweh to the becoming Martyrs Rev 7:9- 9:4 14:4)


I Rabbi BlueYah was sprayed with Substance from a nuclear fall out of germ warfare from Army men who had nuclear biological suits on. I was not affected by the events around me. When the called out ones was on the Sea of Glass, the command was given to ascend (1 Thess. 4:17.I.  Rabbi BlueYah and others did not hear that command for the rising toward the Heavens. But what I and others knew standing on the Sea of Glass, which had the appearance of a cloud of fog at our feet, was that we were on our way to see our (Redeemer Isaiah 41:14, Isaiah 44:6, Isaiah 53:10-12, Isaiah 54:5) the Lamb of Yahweh Our God the Messiah Yahshua the Son of the living Yahweh God, and those who were called out of the grave before us, to be caught up together with Yahshua Ha-Mashiach Jesus Christ (1 Thess-4-16-17).  Now the called out ones will truly be able to sing that speech that Martin Luther King spoke in 1963: “Free at last , free at last.  Thank Yahweh and,

Yahshua Ha-Mashiach Jesus Christ we are free at last.  The called out ones are journeying home to be with Yahshua Jesus Christ in the spirit of Yahweh Land. The New city of Jerusalem fifteen hundred miles wide fifteen hundred miles high and fifteen hundred miles long (Heb. 11:16, Rev. 21:3.  A city not made with the hands of men, but a city created from Yahweh our God for his called out ones to be pillars priest and kings in the New Jerusalem (Rev 1:6, 21:10).  All praises to Yahweh our God and' Yahshua Jesus Christ.  What are the called out ones free from? Free from satan’s kingdom (2-cor 4-4).


Homosexuals in America are calling the Word of Yahweh our God, the Bible, the Torah, a Hate Book.  The most powerful Nation on this earth is fulfilling the Lawlessness of it appointed time to exist (Genesis 15:16). This Scripture in Genesis 15-verse 16 applies to America's appointed time today given by Yahweh to exist as an Empire.  America’s lawlessness of sin has reached the Heavens.  What are the call out ones free from?  Free at last from the immoral homosexual Hollywood of the U.S.A.  Free at last from the immoral homosexual congress of the U.S.A.                                 Free at last from the immoral homosexual senate of the U.S.A.  Free at last from the immoral homosexual supreme court of the of the U.S.A.  Free at last from the immoral homosexual white house of the U.S.A.  Free at last from the immoral homosexual military of the U.S.A.  Free at last from the immoral homosexual law enforcement agencies of the U.S.A.  Free at last from the immoral homosexual false Babylonian religions, the mother of harlots and her children of gay men dressed up as priests, and lesbians dressed up as nuns, lesbians dressed up as evangelists, and gay choir directors and choirboys singing praise to the false god of this world, Satan in the U.S.A.  (Rev. 17).  Revelation 12-9 says the hold world is deceived. It does not exclude Messianics or Christian Organizations. 


Free at last from the abortion killing of the congress of the U.S.A.

Free at last from the abortion killing of the senators of the U.S.A.

Free at last from the abortion killing of the supreme court of the U.S.A.

Free at last from the abortion killing of the military of the U.S.A. free at last from the abortion killing of the law enforcement agencies of the U.S.A.


Every one of these institutions, the Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court, the White House, the military, and the law enforcement agencies, will be judged by all the innocent children, which they have allowed to be slaughter, Murder in the United States of America since 1973 Roe versus Wade.

These institutions of the United States have mocked Yahweh our God and His Son Yahshua (Jesus Christ).  America you are now in the judgment of the greatest Holocaust soon to take place on your soil in the history of the world.  I have seen it being in the spirit of Yahweh our God and Yahshua Ha-Mashiach Jesus Christ. It will be the Greatest freedom the world will forever experience.  We will be free at last from satan and his demonic satanic kingdom, which has embarked upon America the empire a new national Anthem Star Spangle Banner song.


The adulterous generation of homosexual and abortion killers and pornography lovers now we see from the darkness to the light, they are so proud to be seen, and it brings us closer to the end of time with tolerance of the laws all Americans love.  Yahweh will destroy her from above, like in the day of Sodom and Gomorrah, comes fire down from heaven, and the angels will mount up.  Two hundred million from above will give proof to this satanic world.  Yahweh God law will prevail.  Oh Satan, now your star spangle Anti Christ law for all banners for the inhabitants you have deceived, is now the home of Yahweh our God’sWrath!                              


One of the questions you are going to ask Rabbi BlueYah will be “Did I see the opening of the waters in the sky?”  My answer is no.  What I can tell you is that we went through the thick white clouds (1 Thess. 4-17) and when we pass through the clouds their was a body of water under the set apart ones, closing back to its original position (Gen 1-6-7-8).  After I saw the waters below then. I was taken out of the vision (Ecc 3:14-15).  Yahweh did not let me see the caught up ones from the graves or my new immortal body. Why?  It was not my appointed time. I believe as Abraham did when He waited for the arrival of Yahshua Ha-Mashiach Jesus (Christ) at an  appointed time for him to be completely redeemed. Let us not forget Abraham had Peace in the grave. We shall have also peace in Yahshua Jesus Christ’s bosom, liken unto the bosom Abraham, Yahweh has created both Bosoms (Genesis 15:15, Luke 16:22).  We are waiting for the return of Yahshua Ha-Mashiach Jesus Christ for us to enter into the new Spiritual City of Jerusalem (Heb. 11-16).


In Rabbi BlueYah there has been diligent prayer to understand the vision in which Yahshua Jesus Christ lead me to the Sea of Glass in Rev 4:6, Rev 7:9, and Rev 15:2, in my Petition for completion (Heb 11:6, Phil 4:6-8).  You and I, the call out ones here today, will have to wait with the peace of Yahweh our God the Holy set apart Spirit, which surpasses our patience, our endurance, our long suffering, as Abraham did waiting for the calling from on high from Yahshua Ha-Mashiach Jesus Christ.


To complete the promise the law of Yahweh our (God), that will not and cannot be changed.  The Rapture of the called out ones from satan’s world (1 Thessalonian 4-13-17).


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