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“Satan Could Have Repented”

Mystery revealed to Rabbi BlueYah



Daniel taught Nebuchadezzar "there is a Yahweh Elohim in Heaven that reveals secrets (Daniel 2:28).This Prophet Chastened himself before Yahweh gave him those secrets (Dan 10:3-5,12).  Those secrets opened Daniel to Satan's most Vicious Attack!!!!!  “But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days: but, lo, Michael one of the chief princes, came to help me; and  I remain there with the Kings of Persia Dan 10:13.Satan fought against the two great archangels, Michael and Gabriel, for 21 days. It took that long for Yahweh two most powerful archangels to prevail! Satan was trying to prevent Yahweh secrets from being revealed. Satan is still trying to prevent Yahweh secrets from being revealed today through one of Yahweh our GOD Ordained Messenger "Rabbi  BlueYah" (Dan 2:28 Amos 3:7-8)


Satan clearly understands what new revelation means for his evil plans and for Yahweh’s work. He exerts Herculean efforts to stop such vital prophecy. This was a new prophetic secret of a revelation given to Daniel without record of any other prophet having received the same Revelation. You will not find one prophecy in the first five books of Torah and Haftorah to confirm this revelation that was given to Daniel or by any Major or Minor prophets of Torah Or HafTorah in Daniel’s era. You will not find one confirmation or witness to Yahweh’s secret given unto Daniel 2:28. (1cor 2:6-10, 13:2, 14:2, 15:51, Eph 1:9, 5:32, Col 1:26)


Mysteries were revealed to whom Yahweh chose and He is still choosing today.

Isaiah 53 tells about the Mystery of Yahweh’s arm being revealed. To who was it revealed? To Isaiah to proclaim the coming of the Yahshua (Jesus Christ) .  Daniel proclaims His coming and death 9:24-26.

Dan 2:28 was a new revelation not written nor confirmed until centuries later.                                     


:Mystery Satan angels could have repented:


Has any believer ever heard any prophet, or preacher, or messenger, or teacher, or apostle, or evangelist, or Rabbi teach about a redemption plan of repentance for Yahweh’s rebellious angels and for Satan himself as their leader. Do you think Yahweh our God ignored a plan of redemption for His angelic rebellious beings? Who has a mind to think as we humans do, to eat as we human do, and create as we do? Was Yahweh a respecter of creation? To those who had a mind to think as Humans. Yet the angels are spirit beings who once inhabited the earth (Gen 6).


What made the human race more special than Yahweh our God’s angelic beings? What is the Mystery and the purpose of the human race, brought forth from the dust after the earth was renewed? (Psalms 104)


There were two creations. The first creation of the earth is in the Torah Genesis 1-1 and Job 38 1-7.  Both speak about the angels witnessing the first creation.  Genesis-2 speaks of the earth in darkness. We know Yahweh does not create anything bad (Isaiah 45:18). The earth and the heavens were pure and holy in verse one of the book of Genesis, but in verse two the earth became a desolate wasteland from the sins of the angels who rebelled. (Eze 28:16)   The Torah says every different race and make up of man was in the seed of Adam Gen 1:28. Every physical design of the human race was in the seed of Adam from every tribe and nations for reproduction of the angelic beings into matter. The angels are being conceptually transformed into matter from the dust through the seed of Adam and Eve, the earth’s first Father and the earth’s first Mother.


This is the mystery which Yahweh revealed to Rabbi BlueYah (Dan 2:28).  On the Holy mountain of Yahweh our God was the Spiritual garden of Eden (Eze 28-14) and around the mountain of Yahweh our God was His angelic created Israelites the congregation (Isaiah 14-13, Lam 2:1) and all created ethnic angelic beings of colors and design by Yahweh our God and all of Yahweh angelic nations that was upon the earth before the human race was created and operating in a spiritual dimension.


How merciful is Yahweh our God in lieu of all that Satan did. Yahweh gave Satan a chance to repent. Through the creation of the first (Adam) Through the fertilization of Adam and Eve. Yahweh was using Adam and Eve to bring His rebellious angels back to Himself through the creative process of Adam and Eve from the dust of the earth. The Physical world is a replica of what has happen and is happening in the Spiritual world Matt 6:10 Yahweh is cleansing and reproducing.


Yahweh used the physical world to bring his angels into the world of matter from dust that they would have a chance to repent (Heb 9:22).  There was no need for blood until the first sin of Adam.  The angels are ministers of fire and we humans are now playing out the prophetic end times that have been fulfilled in the spiritual world. Now mostly that which was spiritual is now in the physical world for the great cleansing of the heavens and the earth (Rev 12:7-10, Rev 12:9).  These are the angels and demons who had refused to repent.


Who are now in judgment (Jude 1:6-7)  We are playing out the appointed time from that which have been appointed by Yahweh that have already happened in the spiritual world (Ecc 3:14-15).  Every human being on this earth was once a rebellious and unintentional rebellious angel. Some have Down syndrome, and once demonic beings that are deformed humans born with the illness of angelic sins. All inherited the members of the spirit of Satan (Galation 5:18-20) through our flesh from the angelic beings transformed from the spirit created from the dust through Adam and Eve. It is more Merciful for Yahweh to let His angels go through this process then to destroy what He loved and created., reconciling the angels back to Him. Yahweh created many types of angels who in time past consisted of many different nations of angels with mighty one's meaning Elohims or gods who happen to be heads of states in governmental positions in the heavens and earth. I believe all the angels had a different purpose in Yahweh’s creation. The same teachings are being taught today, that we have a purpose to serve Yahweh Good Pleasures (Eph 1:5 Luke 12 31:32) up on the Earth. HalleluYah. I believe this is how Yahweh our Elohim created.


He would for example create an apple and from that particular apple He would create billions of apples with different gifts of His spirit for His angels to create for His Good Pleasures.   In other words Yahweh used the seed of Adam for the repentance and cleansing of the Angels. The human race Are creations with the same attributes of the angels from Yahweh our God. I know Yahweh created billions upon billions of angels and every one of them are coming through the fertilization of the matter Dust Luke (1:35).

 Foot note:  Mary, The Mother of Yahshua Jesus Christ was created from the dust Matter.  This is Why Yahweh our Elohim says I knew you before you were in your Mothers womb. I formed you, but what is the Mystery of this form? (Psalms 139:3-16, Yirmeyahu Jeremiah 1:5, Zec 12:1).


In the book of Luke 1:31-35 I believe Yahweh gives us the Mystery. What is Important here is the seed of Yahweh being created in the womb of Mary who was of sin. This is one of the Mysteries of Yahweh:  that in the seed of Adam their was redemption for the spiritual world of the angels to come through because Yahweh performed the same miracle with Mary the Mother of Yahshua Jesus Christ, to give us the mystery of why the first Adam was created.


Yahshau was a spirit, just like the angels are spirits and the first Adam had the perfect seed of Yahweh our God. All Adam needed to do was pass the temptation test with Satan. The Miracle Yahweh performed with Mary the Mother of Yahshua Jesus Christ was already set up to be implemented through the first Adam with his wife Eve.


It has been revealed to Rabbi BlueYah that we were once angels in the heavens, (Daniel 2:28) being reconciled back to Yahweh our God from the dust of the earth. Through the first Adam and Eve.

Eve was designed to fertilize the conception of the seed of Adam, which the angels had to pass through from being called to repentance to Yahweh our Elohim our God.  Yahweh our Father truly loves His angels Just As much as he loves His human beings on earth today. Satan and his demonic spirit had an opportunity to repent through this process but' refused. Rev 12:9. If Satan could get Adam to sin, in which he was successful then the process for saving the angels would be delayed because they could not go through a pure Redemption plan through the seed of the first Adam to be completely saved, as in the saving of the sons of Elohim (Job-38-7).


This is the very reason why Yahshua the first born of the creation of Yahweh (Col 1:15-18 Rev 3:14) became the second Adam for Yahweh our Elohim.   He was the Yahweh Of Host the arm of Yahweh the lesser Yahweh. (Isaiah 44:6 53:1 53:10-12 54:5)  If Adam would have passed the test he would have known no evil (Gen3: 22-24)  In his seed was the attribute from Yahweh of His new created human to not know the things of Old. I make all things new. YAHSHUA had to go and get the keys from hell from Satan because all those angels that came through this process to become humans was in bondage (Gen 2:22) with the exception of those in Abraham Bosom. Yahshua Jesus Christ was the atonement for the sins of the world (John 1:29) we who were angels had too now pass through the tainted sinful flesh and blood of the first Adam (Isaiah 48:6-8).  Yahweh needed to give His angels who became human being a life giving spirit a perfect life in the physical world of matter from the spiritual world .a different spirit to substitute for the one the angels had acquired in Creation without remembrance. (Gen 2:17)


Yahshua died for the sins of the world, meaning the sins in the heaven's and the sins on the earth. John 3:16 says Yahweh so love the "world" that he gave His only Begotten son "Yahshua" that who so ever believe and do as He did shall not perish but have everlasting life.  I believe Satan would have had to give up all power to come through this procession. In doing so the redemption plan would have been completed for the reconciliation of Yahweh’s angels who are the sons of Elohim, and who were in the heavens before the existence of the earth (Job 38 4:7).  The son's of Elohim: Here is another mystery that will knock you off your feet. The most important nation on the face of the earth today is Israel. This little nation will bring the physical world into the final battle of Armageddon in this physical age. Israel existed as a nation in the heavens it was a Hebrew nation of Israelites. It was a Special nation in the Heaven for a special group of Angels serving the Elohim of the universe. (Isaiah 14:13, 44:21-23, Ex 12:3, Psalms 22:25, Psalms 82:1,

Eze 37:26-27, Heb 2:12). 


The set apart angels of Israel in the Heaven's are called the Congregation,

(Isaiah 14:13).   Jerusalem was the capital. The Holy Mountain of Yahweh (Eze 28:14) was the light for all the nations before the transition from one dimension into a world of Matter. Jerusalem, the city, is in both dimensions Spiritual and physical, as a type of shadow of what was in the heavens on earth. All the Elohims of the nations in the heavens or on the earth, all will go up to worship Yahweh our God which they are requires to do today on the Sabbath and feasts of Yahweh our God in the new millennium as it was in heaven. In the previous spiritual world (Matt 6:10), Satan hated the Angels of Israel, the nation in which Jerusalem was its light on the holy Mountain of Yahweh in the Heavens.


Satan campaign to get all the other angels of the other nations of Heaven to come against the heavenly Israel, and war broke out and Satan and his angels were kicked out of Heaven (Rev 12:7-10).  In our day the same war will break out again in the Physical earth and Satan will be cast into the bottomless pit (Rev 20), the same type and Shadow as Satan being kicked out of heaven to earth. (Rev 12:9)  The same Satan kicked out of the earth into the Bottomless Pit (Rev 20).  Let us remember the love of Yahweh concerning the sons of Elohim.  In the new millennium the human race will continue to multiply going through the process of the first Adam with the transition of the angels into human matter with the atonement of the second Adam of the blood of Yahshau, and the complete power of Yahweh set apart spirit only on the Earth.


If the transcended angels who are now born to be Human are in the flesh, do not turn from sin in the millennium. In the book of Isaiah 66-24, it speaks of dead corpses and dead bodies because the people refused to overcome sin even with the power of Ruach HoKodesh the Holy Spirit on the earth with no demonic forces to intervene. The angels who are now awaiting judgment is because they refused like Satan to repent. That is why Yahweh says we will judge the angels (1 Cor 6-3 and Jude 1:6). We will judge the angels because we have passed through the redemption plan, and it was revealed to us a Mystery that we were previously angels  who had an opportunity to repent through the first and second Adam, and those who refuse will be judged by the new Reformed Created angels in the flesh.


This Is The Mystery for the creation of the Human Race HalleluYah" Baruch Hashem Yahweh Our father' Our Elohim' Our Creator.  I, Rabbi Blue am called as a Messenger sent by the spirit of the set apart ones to deliver this message to the last modern day Babylonian empire and to the children of Israel (Lam 2:1).

The Mystery of the rebellious angels will not determine rather you will have salvation or not. Yahweh has already given unto us the requirement for salvation.  Yahweh Proclaims that we will come to know more about this Mystery as time moves toward the end of this age. Yahweh is moving Israel back to its rightful place that it once was in the Heavens on Earth (Matt 6:10), and he is transforming His angels into Matter, the Congregation in the North  (Isaiah 14:13, Eze 44:4, Psalm 22:27-31).


I Believe to know this Mystery will determine how you will be more informed of what was the purpose of your Creation from Yahweh Our Creator. He who has ears let them hear what the spirit is saying. 


America and the western world have become an affront to Yahweh our Elohim our Father. They are replicating as it was in Heaven with the angels, and who are now intentional human being sinners and unintentional human being sinners, who are getting along with the tolerance of the common law for all on the earth that are rebelling against the Law of Yahweh our Elohim our God (Psalm 119:126).


America has passed Immoral Laws. Yahweh says tell my children of the earth, Ephriam and Yehudah, the Congregation in the north (Isaiah 14:13), and the Gentiles who have rebelled against my Law, to return to the ways of Yahweh. All the seeds from the promise of Abraham from the beginning of Yahweh our God (creation), to the end of this age Isiah (66:18-24, Eze 36:22-27).  Yahweh our Elohim says proclaim to the western world and America, that their sin is like Sodom and Gomorrah.  On the outside the western world is pleasurable, but on the inside they are abominable, as every nation has drunk from her cup of unrestrained and filthy lust.                                                         


She is a lover of the flesh rather then a lover of the Yahweh Our God, and are disobeying Yahweh's Commandments for the laws for all.  America and the western world is now in the judgment of Yahweh our God.  America you have a chance to repent and be saved as a Nation for the future new millennium and all eternity (Jeremiah 51-7-8-9).


For this is one of many reasons I,  Rabbi BlueYah, was called from the West Valley Detention Center, which is a political correct name for jail, for trying to protect my children from a homosexual influence of a community that is sanctioned by the United States of America to rebel against the Law Yahweh our God.

Yahweh says proclaim to America. She is no longer a gold cup in the hands of Yahweh our God. I, Rabbi BlueYah, with my own eyes have seen the coming of the destruction from Yahweh our God being taken up in the spirit.


Yahweh is allowing the Germans to rise again to desolate the land of America.  America has sinned against Yahweh our God law for her own selfish pride. Yahweh "Torah" Yahweh "Truth" Yahweh "Law" is marching on toward the fulfillment of His end time Prophecy. Halleluyah. (Rev 1:1-3) Baruch Hashem Yahweh in Yahshua Ha-Mashiach Jesus Christ our (Savior).  Yahweh has set forth from the birth of His creation, For His loving spiritual angels who are the son's of Elohim (Job 38:7) to be the finisher of His creation from which Yahweh began from the beginning. We will fulfill that purpose without Spot or Blemish (1 peter 1:18-19).


Yahweh Our God has been speaking to me through His Spirit the Ruach Hokodesh, the Holy Spirit for quite sometime about His Rebellious angels, and He, Yahweh, our Elohim, our God, Our Father, Our Creator, revealed this secret to me on a airplane coming from a Two House Messianic conference in Kansas City on July 10, 2003.  I believe this Mystery to be of Yahweh our God. If any believer proclaims to be of Yahweh in Yahshua Jesus Christ and believes all things are subject to confirmation by another Prophet.  If he or she stands by the Word of Yahweh our God, then all those who stand by the Word of Yahweh our (God) need to read the book of Daniel, and not try to limit Yahweh our Creator who is a revealer of secrets, due to their own lack of understanding of the wisdom and Secrets of the Knowledge of Yahweh OUR CREATOR (Pro 2:1-5).


The wisdom of men is foolish, but the fear of Yahweh our God is the wisdom of Knowledge and Secrets (Pro 9:10, Psalm 111:10)  I, Rabbi BlueYah, Stand on the testimony of Yahweh’s words: (Secrets) (Mystery), given unto Daniel and unto Rabbi "Blue" (Dan 2:28, 10:3-5, 12:1).  I, Rabbi  BlueYah was taking up in the Spirit of Yahweh to Proclaim (The Rapture on the Sea of Glass) (Rev 4:6, 7:9)

2-Taken in the Spirit (Visited by an angel) , Given the name Of Yahweh in Aramaic Hebrew on my right hand

3-Taken in the Spirit (The revealing the spelling Yehovah of Yahweh)

4-Taken in the Spirit saw (The invasion of America by EU Germany)

5-Taken in the spirit (Witness the wrath of Yahweh upon the America)

6-Taken in the Spirit After Seeing (a multitude of stars in the sky in mid day

7-Taken in the Spirit (Yahweh vision of my brother and others Bowing down to Him

8-Taken in the Spirit (In a vision of my return home to be Yahweh and Yahshua Jesus Christ Messenger out of Jail on September 19, 2001. With in one week of the vision I was set free from the chains of jail.


This is the revelation given unto Rabbi"messenger"BlueYah to proclaim.  A servant of Yahweh our Elohim Our (God) and' Yahshua Ha-Mashiach (Jesus Christ).                          


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