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I Rabbi BlueYah eyes have seen the coming destruction of America from Yahweh our God through Yahshua (JESUS CHRIST). I WAS in the Spirit in a vision of Yahweh OUR GOD to proclaim THIS WARNING. Yahweh our God is raising up the Germans today to desolate the land of America. (Jer. 50:41 Eze 33:1-11).  America has sinned against Yahweh OUR God Law's for her own selfish pride. Yahweh’s Torah, Haftorah and New Testament is marching on TOWARD THE FULLFILMENT OF ITS APPOINTED TIME for the return of Yahshua Ha-Mashiach Jesus Christ (Matthew 24:35)

Let all creation that is groaning give Glory to Yahweh OUR GOD, for His Law of Liberty AND Freedom is Marching On toward the fulfillment of His end time prophecy. We the call out ones of the true church from Israel are soon to be made completely born into the Kingdom of Yahweh our Elohim our God Through Yahshua Ha-Mashiach Jesus Christ (Rom 8:23).


America has invaded Iraq and is now setting up a democratic regime.  America has painted a picture of Saddam Hussein as a tyrant. One who had Chemical and biological weapons in his possession to threaten all civilization. One of the questions that the international community has concentrated on is the fact that Saddam has used those weapons on his own people.  This has caused the international community and America to have taken this position. Saddam has used chemical and biological weapons on his own people. America believes Saddam will stop at nothing to use those weapons of mass destruction against Israel and the western world.

What does Yahweh our God say about sin and those who are sinning? Who Judges thereof? Yahweh God says you will be judged by the same measure you have judged others. (Matt 7:1 ROM 2:1)

Let us compare the sins of both nations.

Iraq and America have social and political problems, which have to do with a multitude of sins against Yahweh our GOD.  Saddam’s leadership in Iraq has been judged and measured as a barbaric government full of sins against humanity. (Matt 7:1 Rom 2:1)

The regime of Iraq is on the record for the murders and executions and atrocities, which have been documented against Saddam's own people. It is said he executed those who did not agree with the laws of his government. Saddam’s idolatry was evident because it is said he idolized Nebuchadnezzar. (Dan 4:30.  Saddam compared his power and prestige to that of Nebuchadnezzar who was a king in the Babylonian empire who captured the tribe of Judah and the tribe of Benjamin, who are from the twelve tribes of Israel that was in captivity in Babylon for the punishment of there sins and their abominations against Yahweh Our G0D’s Laws. Saddam stole from his people and deceived them to build what the west calls weapons of mass destruction. It was obvious Saddam was a selfish leader with a religion that he used to manipulate the Arab and western world and the Iraqi people.


Saddam’s pride put him at risk for destruction. (1 Timothy 3:1-5, Daniel 5:20)

Yahweh our God frowns on such rebellious leaders in a governmental position of power today.  Yahweh our God holds all government officials and leaders accountable for their sins against Yahweh God's Laws. I will reiterate this statement again.


Yahweh Our God holds all government's officials and leaders accountable for their sins against Yahweh our God's Laws. (2 Kings 14:15-16)  There are laws of demons and principalities given unto men handed down by the great deceiver Satan for all men on the earth to rebel against the Law of Yahweh our God (Gal 5:18 21)


It is an abomination for any government to pass a law to give birth to sin in the land, to encourage sin against Yahweh Law's (1 Kings 14:16.) The down fall of one government gives birth to another government, In hope that they will have learned by the mistakes of their predecessor the misjudgments of a failing leadership or a failing government. Let us once again compare the government under Saddam Hussein and the government of America under the Congress! The Senate! The White House! And the Supreme Court!                                                           


Let us compare! The record shows that Saddam gassed and killed his own people by chemical and biological weapons, and he is now being judged by the United States and most of the world for his actions. Remember the words "Judgment" “Measure" “Judgment” "Measure” (Matt. 7:1 ROM 2:1)


America, the record shows and it is documented that America has murdered over fifty million babies including my child in 1976 by chemical and biological weapons. These Weapons of mass destruction are human beings who have been given a license by the government of the United States to murder the unborn by butchery, by injection, by a fire furnace, and these babies have known to have been baked in ovens. The aborted children are helpless human beings who were once angels, are now being murdered from the womb of a woman. America is murdering the children who were designated to be born from Yahweh our God. This atrocity is far greater in judgment from Yahweh our God then what America has judged Saddam Hussein.


Let us talk about Weapons of Mass destruction in America. Fifty million children murdered by the hands of doctors lawyers and' government officials who have provided death houses and death camps called the abortion clinic, and similar to the atrocity against our brothers the Jews who were taken to the death houses and the death camps by Hitler's regime, who was given a green light by his government to murder our brother's and sister's the Jews, as America have given The green light to doctors and lawyers and government officials to murder the unborn children from the womb of a woman. Yahweh our God will bring every one these abortion murderers into judgment (Matt: 7-1). History tells us in the French and Indian war, the British officers gave a small pox infected blanket to the American Indians at a peace parley during the French and Indian war. These triggered an epidemic that contributed to the surrender of the Indians. The Indian offspring are now being compensated for those atrocities from the American government. America has now given the Indians casinos and bingo parlors to encourage the sin in the land against Yahweh our God's Law. Lets look at the religious institutions the churches who have power in this country, and how their hypocrisy plays in this matter and others.                                          


The majority of American churches say Saddam Hussein must go for what he has done to his people and what he might try to do in the future with his chemical and biological weapons program. From the religious network of TBN a Christian TV station, and from the Christian radio station K-Wave and all other religious radio stations around the country convey the same sentiments about Saddam Hussein.


The majority of the clergymen from the pulpits in the American churches have united against this tyrant Saddam Hussein, to ask Almighty Yahweh our Elohim God to bless those American troop who are going into battle to risk their lives for their country. By the way they are not risking their lives for their country.


 Those troop are risking their lives for the Empire of the United States of America, which is global.  Yet these same religious institutions when it comes to the chemical and biological weapons that are being used to murder the unborn children in the mothers’ wombs. These religious institution and preachers are Cowards. They rarely speak about this issue from the pulpit, and when they do address this abomination of murder they are very cautious of what they say about it. One thing is for sure you can see by their actions that they are not willing to give there lives or take a stand for the children who are being slaughtered in the mothers wombs.


This atrocity should be preached every Sabbath and every day from the pulpit. A Shofar should blow to assemble the power of the people, “the flocks", the congregations to make a change as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did when he marched with boldness with almost every religious institution who had power in America to force the equal rights laws. Dr. Martin Luther King, with boldness, got the laws changed in his time. Today the political and religious leaders call him a prophet. Forty years later everything he marched for is corrupted in vain by the sins of the nation. (Jeri 51:9)


Cowardly ministers, clergymen, and government officials who are in power today in charge of the utopia of the people, are now seeing America the nation come under the judgment of Almighty Yahweh God through Terrorism. Terrorism is not over my friends.                      


New York was the beginning of a punishment and a warning of the coming terror from Yahweh our God against the United States of America, which I, Rabbi Blue have seen with my own eyes being taken up in the spirit of Yahweh our God.  America should fear the wrath Yahweh our Elohim more than she fear terrorism. It is Yahweh Our God who will stop terrorism if America repents for her sins against humanity and the unborn children and her sleazy living of the immorality of homosexuality in the land (2 Pet 3:9).


The lack of cowardliness ministers not preaching with boldness about the sex sins in the land and not marching with boldness on the nation capital to turn this nation away from her sins against Yahweh our God.  America the nation whom the religious establishments love more than they love Yahweh our Elohim Laws. They pray that Yahweh our God will not destroyed America. These same "king pin" five-fold ministry Preachers who are cowards, they are like Jonah in the belly of the whale. Yet they have found riches and peace and solitude in the belly of Americas sins and' they are cowards to blow the Shofar to assemble the people to make change. These so call hireling shepherds will run and hide at the return of Yahshua Jesus Christ (John 10:12).


These false cowards do not fear the Father Yahweh our God whom they have denied His name His laws for the cowardly law for all in America. To just get along and' agree. All have agreed to get along against Yahweh our God's Law. This is an abomination (Amos 6:3-8).


Lets look at Saddam as a follower of Islam.  We know in the majority of the Arab world they do not tolerate homosexuality (1 Cor 6:9).  It is an abomination in the Arab world of their religious and political governments. The Arabs have not forgotten what happen to Sodom and Gomorrah, (Gen 19:24-25) that city and its neighboring cities that was left in ruins as a witness to all the governments leaders on the earth today to remind them that a perverse lifestyle of homosexuality or sex sins in a city or in a nation that is given the green light by a government to sin against Yahweh our God's Law. It is an abomination (1 King 14:16)    


It will not and shall not stand. Yahweh our God through Yahshua Jesus Christ will use the same measure of judgment that America has used on Saddam Hussein (Matt 7:1 Rom 2:1)like with Sodom and Gomorrah, those ruined cities. The Torah tells us that Yahweh left the ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah as a witness to the world (Jude 1:7).


The people of the city of Nineveh and the queen of the south will be used to Judge the United States of America if she doesn't repent and turn from her

Homosexual and perverted sins against Yahweh our Elohim our God's Law.

(Matt 12:41-42)                                   


Let us look at the religious institution on this subject of the perverted sins of homosexuality and sex sins.  Once again the clergymen and the preacher in the religious institution are Cowards. Question? Why are the preachers cowards? Because the wolves in sheep clothing are in the churches (Matt 7:15). When you say wolves, what do you mean Rabbi Blue? There are gay men and lesbians women who are in the body of the church of Satan the false messiah whom they are worshipping as the god of this world, Satan in the U.S.A (1 Cor 4-4).  There are homosexual preachers, homosexual elders, homosexual teachers, homosexual deacons, homosexual mothers, homosexual fathers, homosexual choir directors, homosexual choir members, and homosexual musicians.  All have infiltrated most Messianic and Christian churches and are now accepted and tolerated by the so called false king pin pimp preachers and rabbis of the church or the assembly of satan. Yahweh our God says satan is a pimp, a prostitute, a murderer, a child molester, a thief, a homosexual, a liar, and a destroyer of families. Satan is the god of this forsaken world (2 Cor. 4:4).


Gay and lesbians have camouflaged themselves in sheep’s clothing, and have risen in power through the process of tolerance and greed of the church. Homosexuals have something they give to such churches in some form of a talent or administrative gift. The ministers of these so-called body of false Christ churches have turned the other cheek and have looked past the sins of homosexuality and sex sins, thereby giving legitimacy to the wolves in the church in order to seek Growth and Prosperity. Yes, it is obvious why they will not speak out on this issue. Another reason is that they have community ties to receive exemption from governmental funded programs. Which means they are receiving money for programs, and they will continue to need these exemptions to subsidize their income, as they are in bondage to greed.


This is a powerful way to control what is being preached from the pulpit and the radio station and the Christian network in the United States of America. It will take another civil war to turn America truly back to Yahweh our God's Law.

Will all the American Religious Institution that are on the record for being against Saddam Hussein for his atrocity against humanity, would they be willing to go on the record to unite all religions and go to war for the righteousness of Yahweh our God Twelve Commandments through Yahshua Jesus Christ to march on Washington and warn with boldness? To shut this America down, not by violence but by the assembly of the power of the people to save this country from the Wrath of Yahweh our God and save it from the invasion of Germany through the Catholic Church.


I, Rabbi BlueYah have seen the destruction with my own eyes taken up in the spirit of Yahweh. The churches have to repent (Rev 3:17-19) and be bold and overcome, and do as all the prophets of old and as Yahshua Jesus Christ did with boldness, who all gave there lives So Yahweh our God would give graces to the world, including America. It is going to take a political and religious civil war of the eighteen and nineteen hundreds with boldness of the same courage as the civil rights movement of Dr.Martin Luther King JR in the 1960's for America to be saved from the coming destruction from Germany through the: E-U: European Union.  The European Union is the Beast rising out of sea of Rev 13:1, which is controlled and Rooted by the Catholic Church, the mother of harlots of Rev 17:1-6.


Who will stand up In America for America for Yahweh our God's Law? Yahweh our God warns America to (repent) Amos 6:3.  Every aborted child will see his or her killers. Who denied them the right to life in this world of the flesh? I will proclaim to you in the abortion seat of judgment. There will be every Supreme Court Justice, and every Congressman, and every Senator, and every Abortion rights activist, and every doctor and nurse and every mother who have allowed an abortion killing to happen. They will have to face every one of those children who have now grown up, so the condemned may give them an answer and look them strait in the eyes and explain to them why they were denied the right to life on the earth.                            


I, Rabbi BlueYah, will have a heart that will be saddened to see the faces of those great minds of men and great minds of women. Who gave death sentences to the unborn without remorse? In that day the victims will see and hear such a great cry of conviction on the condemned faces, liken unto the first-born slaughter in Egypt from Pharaoh. Only it was Egypt who felt the conviction of mourning because Yahweh our Elohim Reversed the last plague of terror, in which the entire first born of Egypt died and they all mourned. As it will also be in this modern day age with doctors and (Government Officials) It will be such a great cry in the judgment seat of Yahweh our God for these murders (Jer. 31:15-16).


Homosexuality is in every institution in America. Homosexuality has spread like fungus in the land through radio, TV, movies, schools, churches, the government, the democratic party, the republican party.  Homosexuality is a part of all races blending in as a normal society. There are bills in almost every state government waiting to be passed to allow “same sex” marriages, a politically correct title of deception.  The union of two males or two females is an abomination to Yahweh our God.


I Rabbi BlueYah am trying to save my children who are now living in a house with my ex wife and her lesbian lover.  I Rabbi BlueYah went to jail for trying to protect my children from this despicable influence of homosexuality. By the Power of Yahweh Our God through Yahshua Jesus (Christ) I was released from jail to proclaim to America. Let my children come back to the Father, the Family that Yahweh our God has designed from the beginning. The heterosexual community has no power in the public schools or in the courts of America. The families that Yahweh Our God created has yielded power to the homosexual community, who are programming and Child Molesting our children's minds to accept two mommies or two daddies. A heterosexual father or a heterosexual mother has no legal rights to protect their children from these despicable life styles.


The government of the United States of America has given a green light for any perverse living and sodomy against Yahweh our God's law in the land (1 King 14:16) The Government has made it virtually impossible for any family member to protect their children from homosexuality publicly or privately. This is likened unto the government position when it protected the racism of the south in the nineteen sixties that was of sin and evil. It wasn’t stopped until the black people of America were ready to die for the moral rights of freedom, not homosexuality, that things changed.


The Tower of Babel churches and preachers are silent about homosexuality. America, you have sinned against Yahweh Our God's law. You have passed immoral homosexual abortion laws (1 King 14:16). I stand here today to proclaim a warning from Almighty Yahweh our God through Yahshua Jesus Christ who has called  His servant from the pits of jail. To sound the woe woe woe of Revelation 8:13 to America.  If you, America, do not reverse your abominable laws against Yahweh our God, which is in the land (Jer 50:1-2), you will feel the wrath of terror from Yahweh our God, by the same measure you have judged the Iraqi government.

(Rom 2:1, Jer 50:41-42).  I Rabbi BlueYah am a Messenger who has been sent by Yahweh our God through Yahshua Ha-Mashiach Jesus Christ. I have seen the great judgment with my own eyes taken up in the spirit of Yahweh our God and have seen the terror that is waiting on the shores of America that have already started. When they say peace there will be sudden destruction. The apostle Paul was inspired to write these words. I Rabbi BlueYah am inspired to proclaim these words.


Yahweh our God through Yahshua Jesus Christ has shown me and told me to prophesy to America and warn her that it will be seven times worst than it was with the World Trade Center in New York City if the United States of America does not Repent(Lev 26:18-20).


I have prayed for an alliance of religious leaders in America. Who are in   positions of power? Who will be bold enough to take a stand as Dr.James Kennedy of the Coral Ridge church in Florida, a Presbyterian Minister. I heard him speak on TBN in his sermon one year after the World Trade Center terrorist attack.  Dr. James Kennedy quoted these words: “America has gone back to the business of sin against Yahweh our God and Yahshua Jesus Christ.”


Dr. James Kennedy said God sent us a Messenger who will be bold enough to tell the truth. The things I, Rabbi Messenger BlueYah, tell you today is the truth from which Yahweh our God through Yahshua Jesus Christ have told me.  That I Rabbi BlueYah are one of those Messengers that Dr. James Kennedy asked for to heed this warning to the United States of America. Repent for it shall be seven times greater then the last terror of New York City (Lev 26:14-20).


If America is to stand in the great millennium she needs to repent (Jer 51-8). Yahweh Our God through Yahshua Jesus Christ wants me proclaim to tell the world. 

The United States of America is a gold cup in Yahweh our God's Hand (Jer 5:7). and Yahweh our GOD is ending His Relationship with her now that the land of America is filled with the abominations of sins against Yahweh our God's Law. America, your sins have reached the Heavens (Jer 51:9).


I, Rabbi Messenger BlueYah, have been sent by Yahweh our God to Warn America to Turn back to Yahweh our God Law through Yahshua Jesus Christ and Live. I will quote these words again: “Live America”, Live by the Torah, by the HafTorah, and Brit Chadasha. The New Testament Laws (Deut 5:1-22, 6:24-25, Matt 22:37-40,

John 11:25-26.  Yes, America, live by the Law's of Yahweh our GOD. That you may find mercy and grace from the coming greatest holocaust of nuclear and biological weapons aimed against you and all humanity, which I, Rabbi Blue, have seen with my own eyes taken up in the spirit of Yahweh our God.  More importantly that you may obtain mercy and Grace from the wrath of Yahweh our God Himself through Yahshua Ha-Mashiach Jesus Christ.


This is the warning from Yahweh our Elohim our God through Yahshua Ha-Mashiach Jesus Christ gave to show to "Rabbi Messenger BlueYah", to prophesy to the United States of America.  May Yahweh add a blessing to the hearing and speaking of His woe woe woe blowing of the trumpet (Shofar) A Proclamation: A WARNING TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.              





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