The Resurrected Spirit of

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

To be Saved as a Nation

From the Wrath of the God of Heaven & Earth


Dr. Martin Luther King will not be resurrected until its appointed time when Yahweh the God of Heaven give Jesus Christ the call to raise the dead. And before that happens;


Yahweh says He will send the Prophet Elijah in the last hour of this great nation to bring black white and Hispanic fathers back to there children or He will not lift the CURSE that is at present on the nation of America.

Yahweh God has raised up I Rabbi BlueYah out of jail as one of His Torah/Bible Law Messenger with the Spirit of Jesus Christ, to complete the work which, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr started in the nineteen fifties and sixties,

Dr King started the civil rights movement without the foundation of the Ten Commandments of the God of Heaven, which would have made his work complete to, redeemed the poor oppressed closet homosexual families of Blacks, Whites, Asians, and Hispanics, and eradicate racism in the nation of America.


Dr. King Moral stand was for the Torah/Bible righteousness, the Torah/Bible justice and 

The Torah/Bible truth, yet he lacked the true Torah/Bible foundation to complete the transformation process for the healing of a nation, and he is dead now, murdered for his incomplete civil rights movement, but If he could come out of his grave today and speak to the American people he would say?  

There is no complete righteousness, justice, truth, or freedom without the

Ten Commandments of Yahweh God, as its foundation.

True freedom stems from the foundation of the Ten Commandments

And when America allow Yahweh God Ten Commandments to Reign,

from every tenement and every hamlet, from every state and every city,

America will be able to speed up the day of healing of murderers, homosexuals, child molesters, thieves, adulators, who are black men and women, white men and women, Jews Hebrews, Gentiles, Protestants Muslims and Catholics, all will join hands and sing the words of YAHWEH GOD and’ CREATOR

The world will come to live by the God of Heaven Ten Commandments 


Somewhere I read the Judean Christian Synagogues churches gave America the right to exist, and exercise their religious belief as the government of the people, for the people, by the people, And for the future people, that were to come into the land of the Ten Commandments Gospel nation, of the God of Heaven, and His Son Jesus Christ.



American government came into existence by The Torah/Law of

The Ten Commandments Gospel of God, and Jesus Christ.

Fifty two of the fifty five member of congress were Judean Christians that wrote the constitution

To establish the rule of law of the ten commandments to set people free, of all abominations by the power of the God of Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ.


And I quote

It was not the American government giving the Judean Christian churches the right to exist

But the Judean Christians giving the American government the right to exist under

the Ten Commandments Gospel of the God of Heaven.


In the civil rights movement of the nineteen fifties and sixties there were many sinister

(Hidden agendas) for the advancement of homosexuality against the

Ten Commandments family of Yahweh God. As of today we can see the manifestation of those wild branches of homosexuality, sodomy, abortion, and coveting, come through the democratic process.


What use to be in the closet in darkness of generations passed has come to light with deceptive

Political powers in Washington and every state government?

The homosexual advocates have used the civil rights movement for their un-natural sex sins, and encourage this nation to implement laws against the Ten Commandments family nation of God. The homosexual advocates have manipulated the Judean Christian Synagogues and Churches through hireling shepherds who are Rich Rabbis and Pastors which Jesus Christ spoke of in the gospel of John 10:12-13


2008 is the final Warning from the God of Heaven and Jesus Christ 

The homosexual roosters have come home to crow in your Synagogues and Churches, the scriptures of John 10:12-13 is being fulfilled. Your Rich hireling Rabbis and Pastors in the Judean Christian Synagogues and churches are going to be arrested and sent to jail for refusing to perform same sex marriages for homosexual couples.



Jesus Christ has proclaimed? Your Rich Rabbis and Pastors have been watching the homosexual advocate wolves, come for the God of Heaven sheep since the civil rights movement of the nineteen sixties.

Now those homosexuals advocate wolves have arrived with full force and will soon scatter those silent Rich Rabbis and Pastors and their sheep which, Jesus Christ prophesied in the Gospel of John 10:12-13 



Those hireling Rich Rabbis and Pastors have preached a love gospel of tolerance” with the intent to do good, but the homosexual advocates have used the tolerance love gospel for evil and have manipulated and silenced those Rich Rabbis and Pastors with pleasures of wealth

The homosexuals community are slaughtering Judean Christian parents and there children daily in public schools, on national televisions in the family courts, now with the institution of same sex marriages.


The Judean Christians have become like the ancient Jews who did nothing about homosexuality in the land of Israel, and let the political authorities in power hand down policies against the Ten Commandment family nation of God, and as a result

Yahweh God punished the whole Jewish nation.

How and Why did the God of Heaven punish the Jewish nation?

HOW? He let their enemy scatter them from there land, WHY? Because the Jews chose to be silent and encouraged homosexuality, abortion, drugs, child molestation, pornography, and sodomy in the Ten Commandment land of the God of Heaven,


If the Jewish scientist Albert Einstein were alive today, He would add homosexuality to his famous holocaust idiom? Discoursing “The world is in greater danger from those Judean Christians who tolerate homosexuality than from Those who commit (It). America is in the greatest danger since the civil war of 1865, Because the vast majority of Judean Christians have tolerated the immoral decrees handed down by the Government of the united states of America

The American Judean Christian communities are repeating the same evils by being silent as ancient Israel.

Yahweh God is going to hold the American Judean Christian Synagogues and churches accountable for its coward ness


The late President John f Kennedy words still has a ripening affect today when he responded to the Jewish holocaust of the second world war, Discoursing

Those who do nothing are inviting shame as well as EVIL. 

I will add to his same words to the Judean Christian Synagogue Churches;

Those who do nothing about same sex marriages are inviting shame as well as Evil before the

Ten Commandments family of the God of Heaven


Black Christians, white Christians, Hispanics Christians and Jewish Christians have forgotten the martyrs of the civil rights movement including Dr King, who were murdered in the non-violent struggle for  Moral Righteousness, Moral Justice,  Moral Truth, and, Moral Freedom.

The martyrs of the civil rights movement did not die for the immorality of un-righteousness, the immorality of injustice, the immorality of un-truths, and the immorality of self-freedom given by politicians in the government.




The Jewish people will not let the Judean Christian communities forget the six million Jews of the holocaust and the shivery impact of a Jewish rabbi testimony as he spoke at the civil rights march in Washington in 1963 when he said, “When I was a rabbi of the Jewish community in Berlin under the Hitler regime.  I learned many things. The most important thing that I learned in my life and under tragic circumstances is that bigotry and hatred is not the most urgent problem. The most shameful, the most disgraceful, and the most tragic problem is silence.”


A great Judean Christian people, have become exiled in there own land by remaining silent, and have encourage homosexuality, the mass murders of abortion; pornography, drugs, stealing, adulatory, lying, cheating, failing to support the honorable judge Roy Moore and up holding the Law of Yahweh God Ten Commandments in every state building which, is written in their Judean Christian dogma.

Yahweh the God of Heaven is warning the Judean Christians synagogue churches to no longer remain silent, not merely one Judean Christian organization but all Moral religious organizations


Christians Jews and Arabs must take to the streets and march on Washington

To humble the next president, and humble the next senator, and humble the next congressman, Not for the sake of race, creed, or a color, but for the sake of the image of the family of

God and His Ten Commandments as a great beacon light to the rest of the world.

The greatness of America is the Ten Commandments family of the God of Heaven.                                                         


The spirit of Dr. King need to be resurrected in every Judean Christian institution, which has sold out our children to the pleasures of the secular world of poverty, jails, prisons

Gangster Rapp, idolatry, abortions, homosexuality, pornography which, has caused the violent behavior of Blacks, whites, Hispanics men and woman including all other races to violate the Law of Yahweh (God) Ten commandments. Which is the foundation of freedom for all families 


Many Judean Christian Synagogues and Churches have been institutionally complacent with their wealthy status in society.  Many Rabbis and Pastors are fearful to speak out and assemble the people for change because of their 501-c tax exempt will be at risk, WARNING!!!

With the legalization of same sex marriages, All Synagogues and Churches will be at  greater risk,

The homosexual advocates will have control of America’s Synagogues and Churches

501-c Tax exempt through the IRS with law suits of discriminations. 






If Dr. Martin Luther King could rise from the dead (today) He would say these words to

The authorities of the Judean Christian faith.

WARNING TO you Rabbis and Pastors who are pimping the sheep in your Synagogues and churches behind the pulpits, and have put off the day of doom from the God of Heaven, who call the works of homosexuality good by being silent.  Who causes the life style of homosexuality to come near and into your homes through the entertainment industry of immoral pleasures of idolatry that are molesting the minds of the American children,

You rich hireling rabbis pastors and clergyman and government leaders who lie on beds of ivory, stretch out on your couches, eat lambs from flock and calves from the midst of your tainted glass Synagogues and Churches; who chant to the sound of stringed instruments, and invent for yourselves immoral temples like Sodom and Gomorrah in our home on our street corners and in our public schools; who drink wine from bowls, and anoint yourselves with the best ointments, but are not grieved for the affliction of the family of  God and His Ten Commandments.”

While prisons are filled with poor blacks poor whites poor Hispanics Asian Jews and Arabs men and women who have been trained up in a society like an animal by America evil laws to not empower the families of this nation to server the God of Heaven and His Ten Commandments which is the foundation of the government of the united states of America


Therefore the American Synagogues and Churches shall soon be complete slaves of the homosexual community in the land. UNLESS there is a Judean Christian revolution. Those rich hireling Rabbis and Pastors that has reclined at the banquets of their Judean Christian Synagogues Churches and government positions are removed or repent. 

Yahweh has sworn by Himself the God of Heaven says, I hate the pride and the coward ness of those filthy Rich Synagogue Judean Churches in America

I the God of Heaven hate her palaces; therefore I will deliver their

filthy rich Synagogues and Churches and all that is in it to the Homosexual Community,

because Isaiah 1:9-10 Luke 17:26-29.

America is filled with the most grimness SIN that has ever existed from the beginning of mankind against the God of Heaven Ten Commandments Family.  There is legislation in every state government for the union of same sex marriages to be made legal. and it will come to pass as soon as Barack Oboma or John McCain become president in 2008

Barach Oboma and John McCain will be the president of the last hour

The Ten Commandment God of heaven says America is in the last hour of her Abominations

Senator Barach Oboma looks like a lamb but he speaks like a dragon Rev 13:11

Senator Hillary Clinton looks like jezebel and speaks like King Ahab 1King 18:17-18

Senator John McCain looks like a dragon and speak like a lamb     1 King 18:17-18

Which lesser of the two predictable candidates should the Judean Christians choose for president? 


 I Say Not one of them hold the principles of the Ten Commandments family of the God of Heaven, who is the God of America Exodus 20:24  What is the problem? The Judean

Christians do not have to chose any of the predictable candidates, who want to get elected for

there own homosexual agenda Judean Christians should chose and support one of its own,

They have the power to select Chose, and elect a president with the same power to chose and

elect a senator Congressmen or city official. Those hireling elected politicians in Washington dc

have sold out the Ten Commandment Family of God by passing their Moral responsibility to

 protect the institution of marriage between a man and woman to each individual state knowing, those rich hireling judges which sit on the state courts will over rule the will of the people and make same sex marriages legal.

If the late President Lyndon bane Johnson and congress had adopted the pass the buck policy

of the federal government on the voting rights act in the civil rights movement of the nineteen

sixties, Blacks would still be picking cotton in the south in 2008, but blacks and whites came

out of there homes and Churches from all across the country in thousands and marched in the

streets, and forced President Johnson to sign the voting rights act of 1966   It was a

Successful Judean Christian Revolutionary movement

Those rich hirelings’ cowardly Judean Christian shepherds, pastors, preachers, clergymen Rabbis, and evangelists have kept the Judean Christian masses in ignorance concerning what kind of power they have when it is exercised by the assembling of the people.  Dr. Martin Luther King gave us an example, how to prepare any coalition that is willing to assemble on a massive scale. It is the most effective way to implement change.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger lied to the voters of California by supporting same sex marriages, and the newly elected

Governor of New York is currently supporting legislation to make same sex marriages legal.

Two of the most powerful states in the union New York on the east coast, California on the west coast, ready to consume the southern and middle America with its homosexual abominations and the federal government is silent.

Dr. King taught us we shall fight with our soul, because our souls is connected to the homosexual souls in prison, but there is hope, and that hope is through the power of the

Ten Commandments Shekinah Spirit of the God of heaven and the Spirit of Jesus Christ





2008 presidential election is the blowing of the last ShoFar.  This warning is for the whole nation of America to turn back to the God of Heaven Ten Commandments, starting with the pinnacle of government down to the very core.  Yahweh is telling those hireling shepherds behind the pulpit to come out of those tainted glass Synagogues and Churches into the streets and take back your once Holy Nation before the God of Heaven


Proclaim liberty through the Everlasting Eternal life Ten Commandment Gospel

of the (Past) of the (Present) and of the (Future) Deut 7:11-15 Rev 14:6-7 Ecc 12:13-14

Yahweh the God of Heaven is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever


Yahweh God is sending warning to America. Through floods, droughts, hurricanes,

tornadoes, record heat waves, wild fires, global warming, terrorism and civil un-rest sky rocking fuel cost

The Ten Commandments God of heaven has sent Rabbi BlueYah to prophesy against the Altars of homosexuality, pornography, abortion,

Sodomy, Murder, stealing, Adulatory, coveting, and injustice   


America, you are in violation of family penal code Exodus 20: 1 through 17

Family Penal code Deuteronomy 6:1 through 9

Judgment Jeremiah (50:35-42)


 Now is the time for Billy Graham, Dr. Robert Schuler, James Kennedy, Jerry Farrell,

T.D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, John Hagee, Kenneth Copeland, Bennie Hind, Paul Jan T.B.N,

the alliances of T.B.N Ministries,

the alliances of the Pentecostals,

the alliances of the Calvary chapels,

the alliances of the Trinity, the alliance of Presbyterians, the alliance of Baptist organizations,

the alliances of the Jehovah Witnesses, the alliance of the Assemblies of God,

the alliances of the Seventh Day Adventists, the alliance of the Lutherans,

the alliances of the Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ, Oral Roberts,

the Alliances of the Messianic Assemblies, the alliance of Methodists, the alliance of Apostolic, the alliances of Nazarenes, the alliance the Rock Churches,

the alliances of Orthodox and reformed Jews,

the alliances of Muslims, and Catholics

the alliance of Non Denominational to act. And come out of your comfort zone and stand up outside those tainted glass Synagogues Masques and Churches as Jesus Christ stood up for the righteousness and freedom of, and in the Ten Commandments of the God of Heaven.







And so I say to you my friends,


Let Yahweh God, Ten Commandments reign,

From the Statue of Liberty.


Let Yahweh God, Ten Commandments reign,

From the oval office of the white house


Let Yahweh God, Ten Commandments reign,

From every state and capital building


Let Yahweh God, Ten Commandments reign,

From the Supreme Court


Let Yahweh God, Ten Commandments reign,

From the mighty military forces,


Let Yahweh God, Ten Commandments reign,

From every Law enforcement agency


Let Yahweh God, Ten Commandments reign,

From every public and private school,


Let Yahweh God, Ten Commandments reign, 

From every billboard across America


Let Yahweh God, Ten Commandments reign,

From every multimedia institution.


Let Yahweh God Ten Commandments reign,

From every Sodom and Gomorrah community


Let Yahweh God Ten Commandments Reign

From every mountain top










And when we let it reign as a way of life, in every man and woman’s heart, 

We will utter these words of freedom



You are Yahweh God who gave us freedom.

You sent the prophets Moses Muhammad and Jesus Christ

To bring us out of homosexuality sodomy murder stealing coveting lying cheating.


We were slaves by the power of those heathens.

We were in bondage for thousands of seasons.


We will worship no other God but you,

Neither in the heaven of the earth, or beneath the sea.


We will not bow down to idols to worship.

You created us from the dust for your purpose.


We will not use the name of our God in vain.

He will not cast us out like Satan in shame.


We will come to You on the Sabbath day.

We will keep it holy with His feasts and worship and praise.


We will honor our mother and honor our father,

That our days will be forever by the grace of God’s power.


We will not murder steal or commit adulatory.

We will not be envious and accuse our neighbor falsely.


We will not covet another mans wife. Because God will take away our life.                                                       

We will love God with all mind body heart and strength.

We will Love our neighbor as our best friend.               


This is the rest,’ this is The rest,’ This is The rest,’ that YAHWEH Our GOD Has made.

 Let Us Rejoice and be glad in it.

Glory’ HalleluYah) Glory’ HalleluYah) Glory’ HalleluYah)

For the God of Heaven Ten Commandments is Marching on                                                          


Rabbi ”BlueYah”

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