Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

The Incomplete Prophet


I am honor and grateful you have taken the time to research this proclamation, which was given to me by Yahweh the Eternal God, through Yahshua Jesus Christ. I am grateful that you have given me an opportunity to expand on the Torah/Law/Gospel, of which I have been called to clarify the position of a great prophet, that went to the mountaintop and look over and saw the promise land but was not allowed to enter, because like many passed Christian prophets, all has to be circumcised and taught the true Torah/Law/Gospel of Yahweh God.

Before they could be counted worthy to enter the great city, the New Jerusalem which is the habitation of the Christians faith, there final resting place. Ephesians 2:19


I guarantee Yahshua Jesus Christ will circumcise every male Christian who is not circumcised before he sees Yahweh God the Father in the New City

In the same way Yahshua Jesus Christ will also teach His Bride the logistics of priestly duties

The Christians faith has no clue what priestly duties are except what is written in Leviticus. Which many have considered the Torah/Law done away with Matt 5:17-21   


Yahweh God inspired my heart to re-write the lyrics and melody to a song while incarcerated. "I can do all things through Yahshua (Jesus Christ), which strengthens me".

My strength is Jesus Christ character in me, the very essence of those powerful words

was to be my strength when I returned home to proclaim this message. The love of Yahweh God in me has allowed me to see the world through his spiritual eyes concerning the human race that is full of mercy and grace. Yahweh God rains on the good and the evil the just and the unjust.


Dr King was an incomplete Prophet of Jesus Christ. Yahweh God gave him a Moses mentality to free his people from oppression of an ancient babylonian prejudicial system

That denied equal rights because of color, not because of sexual orientation.


Dr Martin Luther King Jr. did not preach freedom of immorality; he was a Moral leader of Yahshau Jesus Christ but he refused to accept

the complete Torah life Gospel of the Ten Commandments. Jesus Christ chose him to restore the ten truths that could have crushed a prejudice society against racism and sin.

This could have been accomplished with the Torah/Law/Gospel/Bible principle of Yahweh God’s Ten Commandments of Love as a mandatory way of life for all inhabitants of America with the power of Yahshua Jesus Christ to enforce it.


Dr King in his last speech said, we as a people will get to the promise land

But the land he saw on the mountaintop before his death was not America

The land he saw was the true land of freedom to those that obeyed Yahweh God’s

Torah life Gospel of Love of the Ten Commandments with the faith of Jesus Christ


I want to assure the viewer Yahweh God love the thief just as He loves the murderer. Yahweh God love the adulterer just as He loves the false witness, the coveter, the evolutionist, the fornicators, the homosexual, the Sabbath breaker, the pornographer, and atheist. Every human being representing one or more of those acts of abominations. Yahweh our God loves them. But not the actual sin they wallow in, freedom to sin consume and destroys a family a community a state and a nation. Our fight for human rights can also be represented by anyone of those abominations and all of them lead to the destruction of a nation.

History is a warning we can’t ignore; the Torah life Gospel, it gives destructive examples.


I can assure you most people who represent those kinds of lifestyles are people of good will of all races, but those kinds of good will lead to destruction. I am sharing with you what I have been shown and taught by Yahweh the Eternal God, the destruction of America, because the fathers, and mothers of the American families are stripe of there God given right, to serve the true God in the public arena and protect there children from immorality


Dr. King’s last speech before his death again quoted these words

I just want to do Yahweh God’s will “The will of God for all men is to obey His

Ten Commandments of the Torah Life Gospel/Bible

It is the duty of man and woman, let us realize that the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward Yahweh the eternal God’s justices. Deuteronomy 32:4 let us realize that William Cullen Bryant is right: The Ten Commandments will crushed the earth and rise again and heal all inhabitants. Deuteronomy 7:11-15


Let us go out realizing that the Torah Life Gospel Bible is right. 1 Corinthians 10:1-13 Genesis19:5 whatever a man soweth, a community soweth, whatever a nation soweth they shall also reap.” 1 Kings 14:16 this is our hope for the future, And with this faith the Psalmist sing (I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me), we will be able to sing in some not to distant tomorrow, with cosmic past tense: America needs to

Re-instate the Spiritual physician Jesus Christ to overcome’ deep in her heart it is written in her constitution Yahweh the Eternal God Ten Commandments Matthew 9:12-13


That is design to convert, and set free the murderer, the thief, the fornicator, the prostitute, and the adulterer The homosexual, the Sabbath breakers, the coveter, the false witness, the racist, the evolutionist the atheist. Yahweh the Eternal God is telling America to REPENT! She can do all things through Yahshua Jesus Christ, which strengthens her.  Return back to the Law of the Ten Commandments that is design to heal and change every human on this earth Psalms 19:7-14 Ecclesiastes 12:9-14 Romans 7:24-25.


When this happens, when we allow Yahweh the Eternal Gods Ten Commandments to reign from every tenement, every hamlet, every city, and every state. We will be able to speed up the conversion of all of Yahweh God’. Children in the Torah/Law/Bible

Black men, White men, Jews, Gentiles, Israelite Protestants Muslims and Catholics, Murderers, Fornicators, Adulterers, Prostitutes, Thief’s, Homosexuals, Sabbath breakers, Covetous, False Witnesses, Racism, Evolutionist, and Atheist. We will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the Israelite Hebrew Hymn



Shema To all Mankind Yahweh Eloheinu Yahweh Ehcad Baruch Shem k’ Vod malchuto le-olam vaed Hear, Hear, to all the inhabitants of the earth Yahweh God is one,

Yahweh is our righteousness, Yahweh is our salvation, and Yahweh is our redeemer.

Blessed Be His glorious Torah/Law Government/kingdom through all Eternity to come In the name of Ben Yahshua Ha-Moshiach (Jesus Christ)

Yahweh Torah/Law is marching on. The Torah/Law that is design to convert every abomination in this world


I pray this will give you understanding. As Yahshua Jesus Christ told the adulteress woman, go and sin no more. Be converted! John 8:11.

Jesus Christ is telling America go and sin no more and be healed 2 Chronicle 7:14

Shalom/ Peace Messenger Cantor, Rabbi”BlueYah”