Messichristsianic Hebrew Synagogue Church of Yahweh in Christ

Rabbi “BlueYah”


Rabbi “BlueYah” aka Dwight L White
Born in Randolph Arizona 1952 to the parents of Ella l white Elbert d white.
I was the seventh child of eleven (children) and one adopted son and one decease.
Rabbi Blue grew up in a poor society of where picking cotton was a means of work.
We had no modern bathrooms we had to haul our water from a dam.
My father was a Pentecostal preacher of the (Church of God in Christ)
I use to watch my father preach and wanted to be like him when I grew older
As you would expect any young son would want to follow his father’s footstep.
My parents separated at my age of seven. I move to San Bernardino California
In 1959 with my mother and five brothers and four (sister)
San Bernardino was a racist town with separation of white. The blacks and Hispanics
Live mostly in the same poor neighborhoods. It was an unpleasant struggle for a young
Boy at the age of seven to be separated from his dad. Who had no understanding of what?
Had happen between those two God fearing people my parents.
However I had to learn how to survive because there were days when my hold family
Did not have food to eat. So I took upon myself to start cleaning parking lots of stores
And gas station and cutting lawns. Sometimes I would work a hold day at a fast food
Place call Ted shortstop just to feed my brothers and (sisters) I was determent as a young man to work. Life was really hard with all my brothers and sisters.
There was a white man by the name of Stan who worked at pools market.
This man would give me work at the store so I could earn a meal. Whenever he saw me he knew I was hungry and needed to work.
I will never forget one summer day we were going back to Arizona to meet my father And the white man Stan told me before we left that he was moving away. That he would no longer be working at that Store by the time I return back to California.
I will never forget staring into a full moon that night crying on my way to Arizona knowing in my heart I will never see this white man again. This still hold’s true (today)
Sometime later I thought’ if I call my father and told him I wanted to live him he would say ok.
Well it did not happen that way. I come to fine out years latter that he had married someone else. That I would be a burden to him even though I would be the only
Sibling living with (him) I was raised with my father until
I was seven years old. All of a sudden he was no longer in my life.
At the age of nine I made the front page of the sun telegram News Paper for being the best marble shooter in San Bernardino Ca.
I started playing baseball at the age of eleven I met a man name Chuck Lewis.
Who was a baseball empire this man took a liking to me as a child.
He always told me to stay out of trouble and encourage me to do (good)
He would say what ever you do give it your best. This man took me places with him and his family. He had two children of his own and ‘ I was his third child not legally.


Chuck Lewis taught me how to empire at the age of (twelve)
I was a very proud young man
He would let me put on his empire gear to referee a game.
I would look like laurel of hardy with all that gear on at the age of twelve.
Chuck Lewis showed me love and affection and he tutoring me in the right direction
When I went to the seventh grade their I met two music teacher’s Silvia Cichocki
And Mr. Stanford at Franklin juror high (school) now called Dr. Martin Luther King.
Mr. Stanford was a great country guitar player. I had no interest in playing
Any instrument but’ One day a friend of mine said lets go and see Mr., Stanford play.
So we proceeded to his classroom. While there he had a lot of guitars sitting in the room
And he was trying to get kids interested. Well something amazing happen. When I saw
Him play eight cords that it would take a student six months to learn to play.
I Rabbi BlueYah played those eight cords without difficulty. I had never pick up a guitar Before in my (life) Mr. Stanford was amaze with (joy) This teacher took special attention toward me because he had never seen any one do what I had done at the age of twelve.
Most everything he taught me I did not understand what I was doing as far as theory.
Then I went on to learn piano from Mrs. Cichocki a brilliant teacher of voice.
She showed me cords and how they work

I started giving concerts in the auditoria at school with my teachers.
Then I started cite reading learning other instruments of woodwind and brass percussion and theory.

By the time I was in my juror year I was playing 14 instruments writing big band charts.
In 1971 I got my first professional job with Lou Rawls as a bass player with the support of my mother. Who did everything to make sure I got that job. I am still grateful today
My hopes and dreams for Julliard School of music in New York was not hopeful
Or Berkeley in Boston we were to poor.
I made the front page of the sun telegram again at the age of nineteen and many other times. I work with Lou Rawls for almost five years.

I got married in 1973 and had two children. My first born is Sherdisa Lisa Nicole White, my one and only daughter.
But, my second child was aborted October 21-1976.
That abortion ended my first marriage.
I had come to fine out that there was nothing I could do as a father to save that baby that was murder by the law of the United States of America.
The so call great minds of men and (women) who sanction the lynching of an innocent child
I as a father could not do anything but mourn. In 1979 I dedicated an album to that aborted Child on MCA records. The name of the group was called Brotherhood.
Something amazing happen in 1998 on my way to sign that record deal
It was the appearance of Yahshua Jesus Christ, The sun was his belly and he was waving
At me to come to Him and I was saying no no no not now. I have to finish out this work on earth. To let the people know about my little aborted baby
Yahshua Jesus Christ was standing over Rancho Cucamonga waving at me to come before Him. I finally went before Him in west valley detention center in Rancho Cucamonga in1999 to do His good pleasures. Yahweh has preserve this appointed time the calling of Rabbi ”BlueYah”for the latter days to do His will.


Today I am yet mourning for that child and four others boys now from a second marriage.
From which my ex-wife came out of the closet professing to be a lesbian.
I as a father tried to do all that I could to protect my children from a molestation of homosexuality that was trying infiltrate my children minds. I found out I had no power to protect my children from the insertion.
The courts and the America government have stripe every heterol sexual parent of the right to protect and raise their children from homosexuality.
The United States government is telling the heterol sexual communities of business and families. That the governments position on (homosexuality)
It is of the policy of how the white racist in the south was against the blacks.
We the government of the United States have taken the same position against the heterol sexual parent’s.
The government has set a stander of how a child should be raised in every family in
I Rabbi “BlueYah” went to jail in January of 1999 from trying to protect my children from this homosexual molestation of the minds of my (children)
I made every afford to try save my children and could not
There was nothing I could do. I was living the abortion of 1976 all over again.
A law that sanction murder in (1976) to a law that sanction homosexuality in (1999)
I Rabbi “BlueYah” spent 971 days in jail crying out to a public that seem to not care.
I can a sure you that the nature of this crime was because I had no other alternative.
I am certainly not proud of what happen with my ex-wife
I am a family man who has the right to raise and protect my children from what I deem immoral. No government should have the right to force. What Yahweh our God created
Between man and woman. For the heterol sexual to accept homosexuality into our family Structure’ it is a SIN and America is mocking the Almighty Yahweh God 1 king 14:16
I believe the majority of American families do not know. They have no rights to protect their children from the Sodom and Gomorrah’s schools and temples and courts in our society. In 1990 I started a band call the Blue Machine.
From 1990 to the 1999 this band played more wedding and corporate events then any band in Orange County’ close to a 500 weddings. I wanted to call on all my wedding families and friends which we performed thinking that we could get a coalition together not knowing that their power had been stricken from them without knowledge.
While I was spending time in jail this is where I met Yahshua Ha-Mashiah Jesus Christ
I repented for that crime and all the other sins that I had committed in the pass.
I had one teacher in jail. Liken unto apostle Paul when he was stop on the road to Damascus he went to Arabia to be taught for three years.
I Rabbi Blue went to jail for almost three years to be taught by Yahweh the God of the universe who lead me
To His Laws and His Son Yahshua Ha-Mashiach (Jesus Christ) John 6:45-46
While I was incarcerated Yahshua Jesus Christ was molding me to pick up the scepter of Prophesy and proclaim all that Yahweh has written for me to heed.
I have been taken up in the spirit of Yahweh our God several times
Liken unto the prophets of Isaiah and Ezekiel. 4I have been call as an end time Messenger for Yahweh our God Through
Yahshua Ha-Mashaich (Jesus Christ)
I am presently waiting for my children to be deliver from this molestation
Of homosexuality enforce upon my children by the United States of America.
America have encourage the sin of homosexuality pornography
Adulatory fornication sodomy covet ness in the land against the heterol sexual
This is the reason I Rabbi Blue am call as a messenger
I have seen the great holocaust that is waiting on the shores of America.
And it shall come to pass.
America has mock Yahweh the God of the universe And His Son Yahshua (Jesus Christ)
America is not prepare for the great day of terrorism that is coming to the land
The greatest holocaust in the history of the earth will be on the shores of America
If she does not (REPENT) I Rabbi “BlueYah” have seen this with my own eyes
Taken up in the spirit of Yahweh in Yahshua (Jesus Christ).

Rabbi “BlueYah”